The author, Dr. Debra Stoner, practices Emergency Medicine in central Pennsylvania.

This book blog is about one man, Mahabir Pun, and his dream to bring higher education to the rural areas of Nepal by using wireless Internet.

That was the Readers Digest condensed version…read on if you are interested in the details. I am an emergency medicine physician practicing in central Pennsylvania and I have been a volunteer with Himanchal Education Foundation (HEF) since 2002. www.himanchal.org 

Over the years I have become the medical advisor for Nangi Clinic, volunteer coordinator and a member of the HEF Board of Directors. During this time I have traveled five times to Nepal and worked with Mahabir Pun on many projects both as a volunteer and as a board member. If you aspire to develop an entrepreneurial project but have failed to gain traction or met discouraging roadblocks then read Mahabir Pun’s story. I have come to know him and want to share his passion and knowledge with others, who, like Mahabir, struggle under hardships to put their dreams into practice.

If you have ever thought of volunteering read about the challenges, mistakes and successes of other volunteers. If you do volunteer, no matter the location or organization, you will have encountered some of the truths and problems I will explore in the blog. Read comments and join in the discussions with other volunteers and entrepreneurs to gain insights into the challenges and solutions faced by like-minded people around the world.

As a volunteer I made my share of mistakes before I learned my role should be a support system and not a consultant. I still make mistakes so join me as we explore Mahabir Pun’s entrepreneurship in the developing country of Nepal and how best to support those who courageously take aim and shoot their dream arrows with conviction and grace.

I can be reached via email at: debra@himanchal.org