New Tabs

Take a look along the top of the blog and you will notice a new About tab. Click on it and it’ll take you ten seconds to peruse if you read only the first sentence…the pitch. Although short it took me a while to brave writing this page. I found it a bit intimidating because it needs to be the right combination about me, about the book, about what I am doing and about what you want to read. So take a look and leave a comment…let me know what else you want to know about…because in the long haul…it’s really about what you want to read.

You’ll also notice a third tab labeled, Book: Introduction. This is the introduction to the book and has more detail than the About page. I’ll be following with more blog entries each week and eventually the actual chapters. I’ve had several comments about the pictures I add to each post…so some weeks I’ll post a series of pictures because Mahabir Pun’s Nepal is so beautiful, so intriguing that one picture can replace a hundred words.

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