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Welcome to my website, The Wireless Prophet. The website is my nudge to start a book about one man, Mahabir Pun, and his dream. I plan to chronicle my thoughts and processes as I write the book. Everything from muddling my way through learning to use this website, specifically Word Press, to collecting data, organizing chapters, writing and learning how to get published…someday.

First I want to thank my daughter Rose, an electrical computer engineer, who set up the website, guides me through the process and patiently bears my mood swings from tirades of frustration to dances of ecstasy, the happy type, not the drug induced type, as I weave my way to becoming an author. I am also deeply indebted to Dr. Chris VanTilburg, Editor-in-Chief and Jonna Barry, Managing Editor, of the Wilderness Medicine Magazine published by the WIlderness Medical Society (WMS). Over the past eight years they have guided me as a fledgling writer with pats of encouragement and a huge push towards clean, crisp and engaging writing…the “two pats and a push” method I am so fond of when mentoring.

Next I want to thank Mahabir Pun, the man who has inspired my writing by his herculean efforts to bring his country into the 21st century through wireless Internet connections for the poorest of villages in Nepal. As the story unfolds you will come to understand this is not just a matter of being connected to the Internet. It is a matter of bringing education, health care and life changing choices to an impoverished nation so everyone, not just the privileged upper class, can live a healthy, fruitful and educated life….namaskar Mahabir.

Finally I want to thank the people of Nepal and especially my many friends in Nangi who over the last ten years have sheltered me in their homes, welcomed me into their families and shared their endless professional and cultural knowledge. Their quiet dignity and centuries of cultivating lives rich in diversity makes the statement “developing country” an oxymoron.

There you have it…I have begun and I am challenging myself to post my progress weekly on Mondays. This means I will spend this weekend doing research on the Magar culture which is the ethnic framework of Mahabir’s family and village. Come back next week, learn something new and let me know what you love, abhor and what more you want to know.

Remember this motto, seen by all who enter the lobby of the World Bank; “Working for a world free of poverty”.



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