Chapter 4 – January 1989

Mahabir Pun and his friend Dhanajaya arrived in Kearney, Nebraska in January 1989…anticipated but unannounced. Dr. Skov described the event: “I do remember that they had not mailed any letters about their trip to Kearney.  Literally, I did not know if/when they would even be coming, they “just walked in”.”

It was the winter break and the campus was shut down until the return of students for spring semester. Dr. Skov recalled: “So, we needed to get them housed, etc. “on the fly”. With them sitting in my office…we had arranged housing, food arrangements, and the other necessities. I remember when I had first proposed to bring Mahabir and Dhanajaya to Kearney…with him (Dean Nestor)…I explained their possible coming, and he said “OK” and “do whatever to make it work”. So we did…but, in about 1 hour, we had housing arrangements, food service, jobs in the food service system, and through the help of lots of necessary staff, we were ready to go.”

In Kathmandu all means of beautification are available. Do you prefer a bamboo or steel needle?

Mahabir’s style of throw mud on the wall was evident early on during his education and in part is culturally mediated. In Nepal if you are traveling and need a place to sleep and eat…you have only to knock on the nearest door and you will be welcomed and taken care of. He knew where he was going and what he had to do to get there…he trusted everything else would sort itself out. There is something refreshing about his passion of embracing the possible. So many times I find my own disappointments weighed down not by an actual outcome but by a failed expectation. In other words…what happens in the end is not the disappointment…it was the expectation that set an unrealistic course.

Have you ever faced an event in your life with conviction and passion leading the way. Share your story with my readers. Join me next week for more about Mahabir Pun’s days in Kearney.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – January 1989

  1. What was Dhanajaya studying – what sort of influence did he have on Mahabir’s developing his ideas/approaches?

    I think your comment “what happens in the end is not the disappointment…it was the expectation that set an unrealistic course” is incredibly apt, I can really relate to this.

  2. I don’t know what Dhanajaya studied, but I do know he returned to Nepal after finishing his undergraduate degree. Perhaps I can get Mahabir to respond to your comment?

    • Dhananjaya got his Master degree in Education and returned to Nepal just a couple of month earlier. After he returned to Nepal, he decided to stay in Kathmandu and worked with United Missions to Nepal for several years. After that he is working as an education consultant in Kathmandu.

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